And finally!!!! Our new website has arrived :)

Photo by Maksim Shebeko/Hemera / Getty Images

Photo by Maksim Shebeko/Hemera / Getty Images

God bless our Nadine, she did the work on this site, a brilliant job, I was just on the side really!

So, this site is not your typical website, there’s not really much about the long list of stuff we can do, capability is not the issue, there’s lots we do. But insight, opportunity and adaptability are a few of our key strengths and we want our project work to really stand out and speak for itself. We’ll explain what we did in each case, click on any of those projects to find out more.

We’re a portfolio company, which means we get to showcase the capabilities and strengths of our business as a collection of products, services and achievements.

We’ve been around for a while, and we’ve delivered all sorts of amazing projects and events. We’ll keep growing the site, there’s no point waiting till everything is perfectly published!

Project Management is our foundation, we’re proud of that, we’re qualified and we’re agile.

We’re based in Perth, but we work nationally, so don’t knock us out of the park if we’re not local to you, it’s a virtual world and we use many tools, techniques and technology to achieve your goals.

We’re not going to bombard you with lots of stuff, but we want to connect you with insights and resources that we think are critical in running businesses, projects and events.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back, and let us entertain and enlighten you……..

#Businessbiz – Are you a trader of human potential, or a creator of human potential, check out Umair Haque’s brilliant article here

#Projectperfection – We use lots of tools to manage our projects, from Basecamp, Accelo, Asana, Trello and Dropbox to Excel! We’ll talk lots more about these in the future, which ones do you use? Maybe some of these are new to you?

#Eventx – I’m interested in the origin of words, let’s start with the very word ‘event’;

“1570s, from Latin eventus "occurrence, accident,event, fortune, fate, lot,  issue," from past participle stem of evenire "to come out, happen, result," from ex- "out" + venire "to come". Event horizon in astrophysics is from 1969.”