Your projects, your colleagues, your 'new family'

A few weeks ago, we lost a colleague, and April became a blur.

There were a lot of firsts and the shock and awe of the impacts felt was a massive surprise to everyone involved.

Were we besties or close mates?, no we weren’t, we ‘hung out’ once only, but in terms of the project we were working on, then yes we were pretty close colleagues on the journey of bringing our project to fruition.

This set us all back by quite a few weeks, the shock of it all, conversing with this incredibly strong family for the first time and sharing sad news, telling people involved in the project the same news, receiving many heartfelt wishes for our friend, the regard for the project and the incredible work of the team was acknowledged by many, we were rocked to the core.

Then there was the steady realisation of how such tragedies have affected so many people, in many different ways. The more you openly discuss these events, the more you realise how pervasive depression is at any age in our society.

So, are the anti-depressants doing the job? They’ve been around in our society for quite some time, have they made a difference? Is there such diversity in the illness that sometimes these pills cannot crack the problem? Are they too easy to prescribe? Who benefits in the long run?

I have no idea, I have so many questions, but this is a brilliant perspective discussing the most critical important public safety issue on the planet today. You decide

So, now we move into recovering as a project team, trying to identify the gaps we knew were previously all covered, picking up the pieces and taking care of each other, all stepping up a notch to make sure the project is intact. Yet on a daily basis we face many project artefacts with comments and photos as a constant reminder.

When we’re so deeply involved in a project, we become like family, we don’t realise it, but we’re often connected at a level that’s similar yet so different from family. We spend a lot of time with our teams, we share our frustrations and our achievements, we high-five virtually and physically, we bond, and often our families know nothing of us and who we are in this world.

In our respective worlds of work we have a responsibility to look out for each other, I believe. As a team of friendly, caring, professionals, in any project, why wouldn’t you? We can only do what we can do, but we do what we can and we know that we did.

At Partner&Prosper, we have the immense pleasure of working with many people we respect and care about, and I use my intuition to guide me, we eventually learn to trust this sense. My screaming intuition has been my lesson. When you have a sense of knowing, when you hear those words and feel that feeling, then pay close attention, because it’s important.

So beware, we might just ask a question of you to see how you are, or to double check your answer, if we do, you know that we care.

So, next month, we'll be back on point, and on time. For now, take good care.