The final stages of the event planning are well under way and the event is filling up fast!

We are delighted to be working with you again to deliver this amazing event in 2017.

This page will guide you through the preparation steps to be taken to get the best engagement out of your event sponsorship. Follow the steps, they are in order of priority for delivery, but they do need to be done in parallel!

One guest bag for everyone

One guest bag for everyone

1. Guest Experience

You can place one (1) flyer or item in each guest bag

Delivery is required by Wednesday 15th November to allow time for packing

Deliver to: Partner&Prosper, Level 1, 76 Roberts Street, Osborne Park, WA 6017, or click here to download the delivery label

Please let us know what you will provide and send 500 items as the event typically fills at approx 480 people

A still from the Ability Centre video

A still from the Ability Centre video

3. Company video

As a sponsor, you have the option to show a promotional video, of up to 1 minute

This is required to be provided to us by Thursday 23rd November for program planning and testing

IMPORTANT: Videos must be captioned for accessibility, be high-resolution, cinema quality format, typically .mov or mpg files

To send your file to Jan, feel free to use your preferred medium, e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or online file sharing service 

Everyone seated and hungry

Everyone seated and hungry

2. guest experience (part 2)

We require your guest names + any special dietary requirements (allergies and restrictions) + any accessibility requirements by Thursday 23rd November

This allows us to make sure everyone is seated comfortably in the right spot and receives their lunch as expected

Click here to download the template to help make this easier for you

Please return the completed template to events@partnerandprosper.com.au




A few of our sponsors banners

A few of our sponsors banners

4. Promotional items

Please deliver your promotional items to the Partner&Prosper offices by Monday 27th November

These would include your company banners x 2 and a door prize (this is optional)

Click here to download the delivery label for Partner&Prosper

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#IDPWD (Facebook and Twitter)

#includeme (Facebook and Twitter) - the official United Nations IDPwD hashtag for this years theme

Where and When

Friday 1st December;

Arrive from 11.00 am

Doors open 11.15 am

Program commences 11.30 am

Event concludes 1.30 pm

Astral Ballroom, Crown Perth